Rolf Baron von Hohenau
Automobile fan Rolf Baron von Hohenau and Michael Martin, Managing Director of Saint Martin Art GmbH

Foreword by

Rolf Baron von Hohenau

Dear Senator Martin,

I am pleased in several respects with this timeless, valuable and in my eyes unique project of eternising the most beautiful automobiles and collector items in a representational and realistic fashion by painting them in oil.

Even if this pamphlet is very accomplished, one should make use of every chance to see the original paintings and feel their effect.

A must for every lover of exclusive painting and noble automobiles. Art and the passion for vehicles are combined here. Due to their limited number, these unique objects are also a good investment and not only something for the eye and the soul.

Rolf Baron von Hohenau
President of the Taxpayers’ Association of Europe (TAE)
Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the European Economic Senate (EWS)


Saint Martin Art pursues the goal of creating individual and timeless objects. Only the best masters of the trade are working to achieve this end. Handicraft with the choicest materials for an aesthetic interpretation of your time. A unique combination for creating personal works of art. A visual pleasure for today and tomorrow – a legacy for the future.

Permit our “Masterpieces in Oil” painting series to take you into the wonderful world of art!

The Saint Martin Art masterpieces show the legends of automotive history and are created by hand in oil by the well-known artist, Michael Beck. Michael Beck, born in 1960, became known for his “white pictures” painted in an abstract old-master fashion. The paintings are not only impressive because of their size but also because of their painting technique. Up to 20 layers of the finest oil scumbles form the impressive foundation of these paintings which perfectly represent the current spirit of the time. The impressive list of exhibitions and sales of paintings at home and abroad speak for themselves. We were fortunate in acquiring this extraordinary painter and automobile fan for our idea of “Masterpieces in Oil”.

The originals are currently produced in sizes 110 x 110 cm, 100 x 150 cm as well as 200 x 100 cm and provided with a freely selectable frame of the highest quality.

We produce any format desired and prepare a fitting picture frame for your unique work of art. The largest masterpiece produced to date was handed over to its owner with the dimensions of 200 x 300 cm in 2017.
You can freely select the background, if desired, even have persons integrated – in this way, your own contemporary masterpiece results with your favourite motorcar.

Annually, 20 – 30 masterpieces will be created, depending on the strength of the artist. Altogether, maximum 500 masterpieces will be provided world-wide.

Saint Martin Art claims to create value right from the start of our activities.

We would like to provide the friends of motorcars with high-value prints from our own rich collection of “Masterpieces in Oil”.

These prints are offered as Giclée prints on different materials.

A selection of our works you’ll find here. In April of 2018, our annual catalogue will be issued. We will be pleased to let you have a copy, if you wish.

Cordially yours, Michael Martin

“Everything you can dream,
you can also create.”

(Quotation Enzo Ferrari)


Freelance artist with studios in Langenargen/Lake of Constance and Mallorca

Michael Beck

Michael Beck, who says of himself that he trained painting like a competitive athlete in his youth, dealt intensively with works, masters and techniques of the occidental painting tradition during his artist career.

The use of classic/old-master oil panting techniques – known of the old masters – provides paintings with distinctive and unique surfaces which often come close to an aged painting. A unique combination of attention to detail and classic, mature painting technique. Different fast-drying painting media are used to dilute the oil paint. They consist of linseed, poppy and nut oil, possibly in combination with soft resins or balsam. Oil painting permits adjacent and overlaying brush strokes and surfaces (after a certain time of drying) without the paints running into each other and has the advantage over most other painting techniques that the paints may be used for hours up to days and keep their colour effect after drying. Thick (pastose) paint application alternating with thin and transparent paint layers (scumbles) result in unlimited options of expression. This painting in layers develops the picture above a dried coat (acryl paint). Michael Beck lets the basis and the lower-layer colour shades partly shine through the half covering or glazing painting on top. This produces unique and high-value automobile motives. Works of art which will transcend time.

Michael Beck


Entstehung des legendären Porsche 917 Gulf Steve Mc Queen in unserem Atelier in Langenargen am Bodensee
Trocknungsbereich - hier warten die Bilder bis es weitergeht.
Entstehung des Ferrari 812 Superfast


Oil painting on canvas
Oil painting on canvas
Oil painting on canvas